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by Mimi O'Gara

  • Writer's pictureMimi O'Gara

Searching for Balance

When I was 16 years old, in the time usually spent toasting another strawberry Pop-Tart and pouring myself a glass of milk, I was profoundly inspired by an animated film short HBO played between watching "The Great Muppet Caper" and "Stripes." I only saw it once, but the masterfully crafted abstract story stayed with me throughout the years. I never knew the name of the film, but would refer to it in many "brandstorming" sessions with clients. The film became a part of the DNA of my creative process and a reference point for idea sharing, the tug and pull of working in group, and telling stories with emotions.

For years, I was on a relentless search to find the film. I turned the internet on its end, using combinations of every keyword I could fathom, but always come up dry.

Until today. I present to you the motor behind my motor: Balance, directed by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein. I was not surprised to learn the film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short (1989).

I have no doubt uncovering this film has everything to do with the memoir I am writing. The archeology of self often presents these sorts of riddles.


Mimi O'Gara writes about diversity, women in the workplace, PR, healing from trauma, and the poverty that grew up sitting right next to you. Dear Boss Lady and The Word Shepherd are her recurring columns in development. Be forewarned – She is not a fan of the Oxford comma.

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