• Mimi O'Gara

The Gift of a Pillow

Have you ever given a pillow as a gift?

What kind of pillow was it?

A decorative pillow?

A travel pillow?

A pillow for bed?

A designer pillow? A fancy monogrammed pillow?

A pillow featuring a popular TV star to hug ?

A full body pillow to sleep through the night?

Pillows are both an essential part of human comfort and survival, as well as a totem of an affluent lifestyle.

An effective communications professional can tell how you will cast your vote for President in November, based on what pillow you buy and for who.

Micro targeting has been around for centuries – as old as trade and economics itself.

Every pillow tells a story about the person who is buying the pillow, and who the pillow is for – particularly true when both are the same.


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