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by Mimi O'Gara

  • Writer's pictureMimi O'Gara

Get Your Free Hardcover Copy of "Cancerland and The Other Side of Sick"

Creating a sense of peace during an overwhelming time.

"Cancerland and The Other Side of Sick" is a 15-minute must-read for anyone whose life has been affected by cancer.

I pay for the book, and you pay for the shipping.

Tell me where to ship your FREE copy today!

(Just pay $14.95 for shipping. Limit one per household.)


For every copy requested, one book will be donated to CancerCare, a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer.


I wrote and illustrated this book to inspire you to transform the experience of a cancer diagnosis from struggle to empowerment.




Mimi O'Gara writes about diversity, women in the workplace, PR, healing from trauma, and the poverty that grew up sitting right next to you. Dear Boss Lady and The Word Shepherd are her recurring columns in development. Be forewarned – She is not a fan of the Oxford comma.

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