• Mimi O'Gara

Meet Mimi O', Founder of Mimio

Mimi O'Gara, BS, MPR is a creative gal who is just as "out there" as the 1965 Gemini 4 space glove.

Mimi is a driven creative communications and public relations leader with expertise in creating organizational strategy and integrated brand campaigns that build and strengthen audience engagement and sustainable action. Her key strengths include content strategy and creative direction, video production, growing a social media presence, fundraising campaign development and realizing BIG ideas – from concept to completion.

Background and Recognitions

Mimi has a peculiar passion for health care and education initiatives and was recently awarded a Silver Aster Award (honoring excellence in healthcare advertising) for her creative direction work on SBH-Medicine Magazine. In 2014, she was named a "Digital Visionary" by Facebook for leading the first team in the health care industry to implement Workplace – an enterprise communications platform.

She attended SUNY Brockport for her undergraduate studies and was named a Frair's Foundation Scholar for her Theatre Designs. Mimi launched into a career assisting Broadway theatre artists including Christine Jones, Tony Walton, and Narelle Sissons. In 2002, Entertainment Design Magazine featured her as the up-and-coming designer to watch. She received noteworthy acclaim for her design collaborations with Pulitzer Prize winner John Patrick Shanley and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. In a 2003 review in The New York Times, Ben Brantley referred to O’Gara’s work as,

“... exuberant theatricality…which has been designed with an artful mix of starkness and comic flair.”

Blending her traditional theatre arts training with the emergence of new media, Mimi earned her second degree in Graphic and Web Design from Gibbs College in New York City. A newbie to the corporate world, she designed brand identity and corporate collateral for the Girl Scouts, All for One Alliance, Landmark Worldwide and Gentiva – the largest home healthcare company in America.

In 2008, Mimi was treated successfully for breast cancer. The experience led her to write and illustrate an inspiring book entitled, Cancerland and The Other Side of Sick." Her multi-media art from this era was selected for the West Chelsea Art Gallery show “Visual Diaries: A Snapshot of the Young Adult Cancer Experience.” In 2009, O’Gara co-chaired the Dream On Live Band Karaoke Event with CancerCare. Together they raised program funding for young adults living with cancer. The exposure from the event led to O’Gara presenting as a keynote speaker at the "Living with Cancer Conference."

In 2017, Mimi was awarded an academic medal of achievement from Iona College when she completed her Master's degree in Public Relations. But, of all the awards she has received throughout her life, her most cherished is the black and orange M patch she received from Mamaroneck Avenue School for reading the most books in the first-grade.

(Above: "Opening Doors to Good Health" Takes an intimate look into the world of Open Door patients and the health challenges they face).

Today, Mimi has spearheaded several integrated brand identity and communications campaigns for Open Door Family Medical Center and Foundation, St. Barnabas Hospital (SBH Health System), Union Community Health Center, the Bronx Teen Health Center, and Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities (a joint venture with SBH Health System, and part of a statewide initiative to transform the delivery of care).

Personal Life

Mimi is the embodied of the American Melting Pot and the American Dream. As a "primetime Gen X'er," she spent the summer days of her childhood on a small fishing boat in Long Island Sound, the weekends of her adolescence in the foothills of the Adirondacks, and her college years on the banks of the Erie Canal. For over two decades of her adult life, she lived in the concrete jungle of New York City and ate a lot of sushi and Greek food. After marrying her husband Terence, a psychotherapist, she moved to Northern Westchester to be surrounded by nature and silence. Among her influencers are: Hillman Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Käthe Kollwitz, Ames Bros, Neil Gaiman, and Larry David. She has a love for all things Hawaii (have you ever seen a whale close up?), an obsession for the White House Dish Room, TV's "Ancient Aliens," and everything Halloween. She keeps the secret recipes of her Great Grandmother Rosa's Rice and Beans and her Grandma Pomphelia's cream puffs under lock and key. She often wonders about humanity, why humans exist and how the universe works.