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Hello, world!
Meet Michelle Malavet O'Gara, Founder and Creative Director of Mimio


You can call me by my nickname, Mimi, or by my nickname's nickname, Mims. The latter is pronounced Memes, which is fitting for the kind of work I do.


During the pandemic, I reimagined my company, The Biggest Little Press, and launched Mimio – a creative agency for professionals who want to elevate their brand communications and take their fundraising efforts to the next level.

The conversations I'm interested in causing are:

"Our donors were moved to tears by the video."

"Mims, you took our social media to the next level. We've never had engagement like this."

"We surpassed our fundraising goal!"


"Our CEO loves the invitation."

"Our Board President said the gala journal playing on the screens was gorgeous."


"We love all of these options, but the cover everyone selected is option C."

"I saw that story on the news."

"We know you'll work your magic, Mimi."

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